Investment Plates Recently Sold

  • Listed below are the latest sales of Investment Plates.

    Where known, the sale price is shown.

PlateAsking Price
in $NZ
Sale Price
in $NZ
S8S 7,500.00Not disclosed
LLL 12,000.00Not disclosed
70 50,000.00Not disclosed
AAA 70,000.00Not disclosed
777 37,000.00Not disclosed
9G99G9 1,000.00Not disclosed
5555 15,000.00Not disclosed
88288 8,000.00Not disclosed
0Q 15,000.00Not disclosed
O333 30,333.00Not disclosed
003355 1,000.00Not disclosed
2345 4,990.00Not disclosed
0088 1,990.00Not disclosed
00O00 1,800.00Not disclosed
6TTTT6 14,900.00Not disclosed
65432 Open to offersNot disclosed
9JJJJ9 Open to offersNot disclosed
00VV00 Open to offersNot disclosed
O9 9,000.00Not disclosed
000888 3,600.00Not disclosed