About Us

  • We are Investment Plate owners ourselves

    In August 1995 we purchased TTTTTT. This must have been one of the last plates sold before the collapse of the market.

    Because we own plates, we have a vested interest in their value. We created this web site to promote interest in Investment Plates as a viable investment option now the market has stabilised.

    We haven't created this web site for the purpose of making money. It is designed to be a website where buyers and sellers can contact each other.

    We do not sell new Investment plates and we do not get a commission off sales. It is dedicated to Investment Plates only, and because the number of Investment Plates issued is so small, you do the math, the site is never going to make us rich by charging sellers for a listing.

    The benefit to us will be if we can restore the interest in Investment Plates, which will then result in prices for plates rising to a level which reflects what is happening in every other international market.