Investment Plates, aren't they just blue personalised plates?

  • What's the History?

    In 1987 through the amendment to the Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration And Licensing) Act 1986 the Government allowed the personalisation of number plates.

    The Government tendered the right to sell personalised plates on its behalf. The private company, Personalised Plates Limited was the successful tenderer and acted under contract as the sole and exclusive agent of the Government.

    The company offered two types of plates. The first group with black or red characters on a white background, and the second group with blue characters on a white background known as Investment Plates.

    Typical black on white personalised plate
    Typical blue on white investment plate

    Was the Business Model Successful?

    Extremely successful.

    From its start in 1989 to early 1996 the results were fantastic with both Personalised Plates and Investment Plates selling well and Investment Plate values rising exponentially.

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