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  • News Alert 2019!

    KiwiPlates Resale Noticeboard

    KiwiPlates have finally got a resale page on their site giving plate holders another option to sell their plates.

  • News Alert 2017!

    KiwiPlates Premium Plates

    A PREMIUM PLATES page was brought to our attention. Have a look at it here. It is buried under 'MORE INFO' instead of the more logical page 'GET A PLATE', although they are shown as options on the 'DESIGNS' pages.

    Those who currently own two and three letter/number combinations may be concerned at the low price, but if KiwiPlates starts advertising the fact they have and there are 'Premium Plates' it will be a good thing. You don't have to sell your plates at a discount.

    There are a couple of generations of New Zealanders who don't know Investment Premium Plates exist. If KiwiPlates can get all NZders interested and looking again it must be a positive.

  • News Alert 2016!

    "Personalised Plates shuts up after losing NZTA Licence"-Business-NZ Herald News 1/August/2016

    You can read the full article here

    Still not sure if this is good or bad for Investment Plate holders? I'm figuring any change is good considering there has been no action/change for some time.

    when we asked KiwiPlates what would happen if I wanted to buy one of the 9000 plus unissued plates from the Investment series this was their reply.

    'Hi Keith,

    A lot of investment plates that were not sold through Personalised plates are available for sale through kiwi plates.

    Not as investment plates (blue colour ) but as regular personalised plates on the styles available on our website.

    Currently there are no 1 or 2 character plates available for sale. There are some 3 character plates available however they cost $1200.00 in standard colour format up to $1600.00 for a branded euro style.

    All 4-6 character plates should be available on our website at normal price.

    Hope this helps. What plate are you after?

    Kind regards

    Will' (William Cunningham)

    So it appears all the requirements on issuing 'the next plate in the series' have gone and in theory KiwiPlates could now sell plate A for $1 if it was available. As stated in the E-mail the plates will not be BLUE. This is interesting as the last time we looked at the legislation it gave the colour options as Black, Blue and Red. And an investment plate recently replaced because of damage was coloured Blue.

    We're thinking KiwiPlates don't want Investment Plates to exist and the numbers to just become part of the available series.

    This is not necessarily a bad thing because if plate A or 8 was offered on the open market in an auction there would be plenty of keen buyers, and NZ would be operating as every other market in the world operates. Like this recent example across the ditch.

    KiwiPlates have not got their 'Plates for Sale' page up on their website yet (6 months and counting) and we will be interested to see what is being offered when they do. They'd be mad not to excite the plate market with some interesting offerings.